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Bush Medicines Range

Since ELP’s first engagement with the community of Minyerri, bush medicines have remained a strong and inspired enterprise theme. Art Centre supervisor Agnes Wilfred, states:

“Our bush medicines make us proud. When you use it, it makes your body feel ‘yalala’ – that means you feel refreshed and good all over. We want to share our bush medicines with other people, and find out what they think, too”.

To date, the entrepreneurs have been testing the market with a range of bush medicine soaps that continue to sell out, generating conversations in which Elders share their knowledge about the vast, versatile range of medicines that grow in Alawa country. The next step is to explore other products such as salves, creams and toothpastes and share these ancient bush remedies with wider Australia and the world!

The Need

To enable the people of Minyerri to explore the next steps in their bush remedy revival, ELP is supporting the community to seek funding for:

  • Intensive specialist research and product development support over a three week period leading up to bush medicine harvest
  • A 4 day on Country workshop to harvest and extract medicines and to facilitate the exchange of rich cultural knowledge between generations
  • Sales and marketing support to ensure successful launch of range, including collaborative development in community
  • Graphic design support to develop branding and packaging

The Outcome

After initial exploration and local market-testing, entrepreneurs will have developed the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop their bush medicines into an expanded range available to the public. Specifically this project will achieve:

  • Revival of traditional knowledge around native plants and their practical uses
  • Creation of a revenue stream for the business to enable the maintenance of traditional practices
  • Opportunities for local employment and economic independence

The Numbers

  • $7K will enable specialist research and product development support
  • $7K ($14K inclusive) will facilitate a 4 day workshop on Country to explore bush medicine botanicals and to enable knowledge transfer
  • $6K ($20K inclusive) will provide design, sales and marketing support leading up to product launch
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