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ELP is currently supporting two microenterprise projects focused on sharing traditional skills with younger generations to enable people to stay connected to country and to keep culture strong. This work is being driven by the knowledge that strong cultural identity is fundamental to indigenous health and social and emotional well-being, and the community views this as a powerful suicide prevention tool.

  • Traditional pandanus weaving – women in Kalumburu want to re-learn traditional weaving practices and develop business skills to create a sustainable weaving-based enterprise to keep culture strong.
  • Traditional carving – elders in Kalumburu want to address high rates of youth involvement in the criminal justice system by exploring enterprise opportunities that revive traditional carving practices.

ELP has been successful in attracting funds to enable the community to co-design and plan a series of on country skill development camps and workshops across 2017 to move towards progressing these aspirations.

The Need

The next step following the skill development camps and workshops is to secure funding for a targeted ‘product development’ project to link cultural enterprise activities to commercial opportunities. This will involve:

  • Product Development Workshop- this would enable aspiring entrepreneurs in Kalumburu to harness the skills of a product design specialist to support them in moving through a formal product development phase
  • Sales and Marketing support to bring products successfully to market


The Outcome

The people of Kalumburu have expressed to ELP their desire to be in control of their own economic pathways and futures. They are also aware that keeping culture strong is critical to the health and wellbeing of their community. Being on country together and exploring cultural enterprise opportunities will enable stories to be shared and language and cultural knowledge transmitted across generations. By supporting people to bring their unique products to market, a sustainable model for supporting ongoing intergenerational cultural connectivity in Kalumburu can be fostered. This will form part of a larger strategy to use culture and the arts to strengthen the Kalumburu community and be a vehicle to express their unique culture. This will ultimately provide an exposure to an alternate pathway to support  economic independence and economic agency.


The Numbers

  • $15K will support the entrepreneurs in Kalumburu from both the weaving and carving projects  to participate in a specialist product development workshop to inform product development
  • $5K ($20K inclusive) will fund targeted sales and marketing support to bring products successfully to market
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