Enterprise Learning Projects | Galiwinku, NT
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Galiwinku, NT


Galiwin’ku is a beautiful island community on Elcho Island in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. It is 550 km north-east, about 2 hours flying time from Darwin. It is on the lands of the Yolngu people, of which around 2,500 people call Galiwin’ku home.

In 2016, ELP was invited to work with a group of strong women in Galiwin’ku, the largest community in East Arnhem Land. The women wanted to develop community-driven responses to the issue of domestic and family violence, and to support the empowerment of women through providing access to resources, appropriate support systems and eventually financial means of independence.

ELP is providing incubation support to foster the establishment of Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Incorporated. The organisation is working towards the establishment of a dedicated Women’s Shelter, as well as building a sustainable organisation that will cater for a diverse range of needs for Yolngu women in the community as they move forward.

Currently the Galwin’ku Women’s Space engages a group of 20 Yolngu women and is supported by a committee of four Yolngu women, a Galiwin’ku-based Yolngu Project Facilitator, and an externally based Project Manager who provides a combination of community-based and remote project management support.

“We’re very happy to be working with ELP on this project. The Women’s Space is a good initiative for our community and we have come a long way this year. There is still a long way to go and we will keep working for safer and healthier outcomes for our community, with ELP’s support.” Bettina Danganbarr, Chairperson of Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Inc.
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