Enterprise Learning Projects | Jilkminggan, NT
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Jilkminggan, NT


Jilkminggan is a small community nestled on the Roper River in the Northern Territory, with a population of 300. The people of Jilkminggan speak Mangarrayi, Kriol, Roper River Creole and English. They have a strong cultural identity and they are keen to use this to create new job opportunities for their people.

ELP began working with Jilkminggan in January 2016 and currently supports 15 people who are engaged in a range of enterprise activities. ELP support has included fundraising, facilitation, product development, sales and marketing, and financial management support.

ELP ran a successful clothes drive in March to enable the establishment of a pop-up op shop to create seed funding for art activities, and this has since flourished into a successful stand-alone enterprise. Momentum from this work also saw the community launch the Bringgan Arts Centre in Jilkmingaan- a hub for people to create and to explore enterprise.

“The Art Centre’s not only about providing jobs for artists, but seeking out what young people are capable of. These days they don’t have many examples of employment opportunities. But by getting this centre going, just this one space, it shows how many interesting and diverse jobs that can result from just one space. “ Helena Lardy - JCAC


The people of Jilkminggan have identified an opportunity to harness the knowledge of skilled artists in the community and create an enterprise that builds the skills, knowledge and confidence for people to engage in the mainstream economy. The community wants to explore cultural tourism as a way to create new opportunities for employment and to celebrate and share their unique culture with the world.

Textiles on Country

Artists in Jilkminggan are skilled in textile arts and weaving with pandanus, making dyes from native bush plants. They are interested in designing a workshop to explore the opportunity to launch a cultural tourism enterprise, and to use this as a mechanism to share traditional knowledge with younger generations within Jilkminggan and with other communities across the Katherine region…

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