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There is strong and growing momentum around enterprise as a realistic and attainable pathway to supporting economic independence in Kalumburu. To harness this curiosity, enthusiasm and drive, ELP has identified an opportunity to support aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in an ‘Enterprise Exposure Tour’- a study tour where people will be able to explore thriving cultural enterprises in action. The tour will encompass visits to established enterprises as well as a range of workshops to inform people’s thinking around how to move forward with their enterprise ideas.

The Need/The Ask

ELP is currently seeking funding to launch an inaugural ‘Enterprise Exposure Tour’ with the Kalumburu community. Funding would enable:

5 community members to travel to Perth for one week to explore enterprises in action, with exposure to:

  • what is needed to make them work
  • what products are sold/product ideas
  • product development and design
  • how products are marketed
  • how products are sold
  • options for governance of a social enterprise
  • opportunities for relationship building, peer learning and mentoring

The Outcome

Participation in the ‘Enterprise Exposure Tour’ will enable entrepreneurs in Kalumburu to progress their enterprise aspirations with increased skills, knowledge and confidence. Specifically it will equip people to:

  • Understand the many aspects involved in setting up and running a business from first-hand interactions with other indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Consolidate thinking around personal and/or community enterprise aspirations
  • Learn how to prototype and market a product
  • Plan next steps and how to fund future enterprise activities

 The Numbers

$20K will give five aspiring entrepreneurs from Kalumburu the opportunity to participate in an ‘Enterprise Exposure Tour’ and take their enterprise dreams to the next level.

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