Enterprise Learning Projects | Kalumburu, WA
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Kalumburu, WA


Kalumburu is Western Australia’s most remote and isolated community, located at the northern tip of the Kimberley Region. It is home to 300-500 Aboriginal people, many of whom are under 16, from the Kwini and Wunambol Gamberra language groups.

The leaders of the Tramalla Strong Women’s Group of Kalumburu approached ELP in 2015 with a goal of using enterprise as a vehicle for economic and social change: to create jobs, to reconnect young people with country, to create pride in the community and to offer their unique culture to the market.

A formal partnership with ELP and the Tramalla Strong Women’s Group began in 2016 and has resulted in the engagement of over 60 community members in enterprise learning and development.

Enterprise opportunities that that have emerged and are currently being explored include an op shop, soap making with “bush medicine” plants, jewellery making, traditional weaving and carving, photography, tourism, a bakery/bread business and a weekly sunset market where women cook and sell food.

“Doing business can make your life count, make your children proud. I want to live long, I want to learn. I feel excited to hold a camera and take photos. Nothing is going to hold me back. I want to become something” Tarisha, Entrepreneur, Kalumburu WA


The people of Kalumburu are ready for change; they want to create stronger families and a stronger community and better futures for themselves and their children. They see microenterprise as an important way of achieving this change. In just a short time of enterprise facilitation support from ELP, a number of enterprise projects have commenced, and community members are excited about the opportunities that enterprise hold.

The Tramulla Op Shop

ELP is currently supporting the Tramulla Strong Women’s Group of Kalumburu to establish an op-shop social enterprise. Profits from the sale of donated clothing will be used to seed fund cultural enterprise activities in the community to preserve and re-connect people with traditional knowledge and cultural practices…

Enterprise Exposure Tour

There is strong and growing momentum around enterprise as a realistic and attainable pathway to supporting economic independence in Kalumburu. To harness this curiosity, enthusiasm and drive, ELP has identified an opportunity to support aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in an ‘Enterprise Exposure Tour’- a study tour where people will be able to explore thriving cultural enterprises in action…

Photography-based Enterprise

The desire to learn digital photography skills and then use them as a way to increase employment opportunities and to share Kalumburu’s unique country and culture with wider Australia is an aspiration shared by a number of young women within the community…

Cultural Enterprise Camps

ELP is currently supporting two microenterprise projects focused on sharing traditional skills with younger generations to enable people to stay connected to country and to keep culture strong. This work is being driven by the knowledge that strong cultural identity is fundamental to indigenous health and social and emotional well-being, and the community views this as a powerful suicide prevention tool…

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