Enterprise Learning Projects | Our Model
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ELP’s model, co-designed in partnership with remote Aboriginal communities, increases the economic empowerment and participation of extremely economically marginalised individuals by providing opportunities for people to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore, develop and grow their ideas into microenterprises.

The key foundations of our model are:

Capacity Building

Our team of enterprise facilitators provide responsive community capacity building support to enable people to build the skills, knowledge and confidence required to engage in the economy. This includes governance and decision-making, financial literacy, creative thinking and problem-solving, and the confidence to explore opportunities and take measured business risks.

Fostering and Enabling the ‘Ecosystem’

ELP works to develop the supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem within communities, regions and across Australia to enable emerging entrepreneurs access to appropriate business support infrastructure. This includes relevant networks, information, markets, finance and financial management support, physical spaces and technology.

A Long-term Approach

We commit to journeying with individuals and communities as they embark on the process of business development. We work hard to resource each step along the way, so they can be confident they have the support they will need.