Enterprise Learning Projects | Our Services
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Many people have ideas for things they would like to do. What is missing is the support to develop these ideas into sustainable ventures. ELP provides support for people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore, develop and grow their ideas.

We do this in the following ways:

Enterprise Project Facilitation

ELP creates hands on learning environments where people can explore a range of business ideas and discover what enterprise is all about. These projects enable those involved to develop an understanding of business fundamentals and the confidence to take the next step to launch a business idea.

Business Incubation

ELP provides intensive support to actualise a business, whether it be a sole trader business, a social enterprise or a company. This includes the development of business and marketing plans, business administration systems and financial management processes.

Marketing Support Services

Businesses need markets in order to survive and grow. ELP’s marketing service offers support in a range of areas including branding and promotion, advertising, social media, website development and sales support. ELP has built a new online store to assist remote Aboriginal entrepreneurs to connect with new markets and grow their businesses.