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Screen Printing Workshop

With the support of ELP, Minyerri Arts and Cultural Centre began its enterprise journey by developing a range of screen printed textiles, sold at local retailers and markets.

Alawa culture is abundant with dreaming stories and contemporary tales that artists are eager to capture through design. This project will enable artists to refine their design and technical printing skills, providing a stepping point for entrepreneurs who wish to explore broader market opportunities.

The Need

To enable the Minyerri Arts and Culture Centre to grow their technical and business skills, ELP is supporting them to secure funding for:

  • The establishment of a basic screen printing studio with work bench, drying space and storage facilities
  • A 5 day design workshop, resulting in 3 new designs for yardage prints
  • A 5 day technical skills-development workshop
  • A 5 day workshop in manufacture and supply management to ready the business for transition as a small scale supplier

The Outcome

Your support will enable entrepreneurs to build upon their existing skills and ambitions, with the long-term goal of developing the business into a quality small-scale supplier. Specifically, this project will result in:

  • Increased skills, knowledge and confidence in textile production and small business development
  • Facilities to support new employment opportunities within the Minyerri community
  • The preservation of Alawa culture through vibrant designs

The Numbers

  • $5K will supply basic screen printing facilities
  • $7K ($12K inclusive) will enable a concept development and design workshop
  • $7K ($19K inclusive) will enable technical-skills development
  • $4K ($23K inclusive) will enable support in understanding manufacture and supply managemen to ready the business for transition as a small-scale supplier
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