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Young Makers Project

Dreams for a workshop enterprise, which encompasses both traditional artefact making and modern building techniques, is one shared across different groups in Minyerri: from men who wish to preserve and pass on their traditional skills; Elders who understand the incredible importance of harvesting raw materials on Country; and from women who recognise that meaningful, productive engagement is essential to the wellbeing of their sons.

In 2016, a number of young adults began prototyping a furniture-making business, creating striking furniture items from disused materials. This project aims to expand upon the skills, knowledge and confidence gained throughout the pilot stage, with the long-term vision of establishing a sustainable workshop venture.

The Need

To enable these young entrepreneurs to work towards achieving their vision, ELP is supporting them to attract funds for:

  • The establishment of basic workshop facilities and support in setting up a local team of governance for the venture
  • A 5 day product development workshop, including exploration of ideas, market research, costing and sales strategies
  • A 5 day technical skills-development workshop, facilitated by expert practitioners
  • A 3 day exposure tour to neighbouring art centres to gain learnings and knowledge from established entrepreneurs around tourism sales and marketing
  • Sales and marketing support to bring products successfully to market

The Outcome

The anticipated outcomes from this project are rich and many:

  • Allow young people to generate an independent source of income
  • Allow Elders the opportunity to pass on knowledge of traditional carving and sculpture skills
  • Address market needs for affordable furniture items for community homes, and locally produced sculptures and artefacts
  • Enable young men to harness building skills they have acquired through formal training, in the absence of long-term employment opportunities
  • Increase social cohesion by providing a space where young people can find a positive diversion from alcohol and crime/antisocial behaviour
  • Establishment of a sustainable, locally governed carpentry and carving enterprise

The Numbers

  • $12K will enable set up of basic workshop facilities and governance support
  • $20K ($32K inclusive) will allow makers to build enterprise knowledge, refine technical skills and increase market knowledge
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